Watched Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation in SphereX

To tell you the truth, I have never watched the other Mission Impossible movies.

So this afternoon, out of my boredom, and to avoid crazy traffic in the evening to meet my friends at Grand Indonesia, I went to buy Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation ticket just to try the new SphereX theatre in CGVBlitz Grand Indonesia, the ticket costs me Rp. 55.000.


Entering the SphereX theatre makes me feel so small, it is so huge and the screen is amazing. It has a reclining seat, but kinda small for a big fat person like me, but its alright. Lesson learnt. I have to buy the seat about 2-3 row behind the middle seat to enjoy my next SphereX movie. I bought the H row.

Okay now let’s talk about the movie. One thing for sure, even if I have not watched the previous movies of Mission Impossible, I know Impossible is nothing for Tom Cruise (Ethan).

I really enjoy the 130ish minutes movie, 2 hours seems not that long. The story is well executed, the jokes in the movie make the audience laugh, i did laugh so hard on some part. They really put the jokes in a very good timing. And I really like the scene where *spoiler alert* they meet the British Prime Minister, so funny, even now when I’m thinking about the scene, it makes me smile.

Action. Comedy. Story. All good, all placed in the right timing. You should watch it in IMAX or SphereX.



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