Why Thailand? How?

By now you must already know that I have jumped into Thai’s Actors fandom and like really only care about them and Thailand.

But why?

As a K-popper for more than 12 years, I gradually feeling uncomfortable in a world that used to be my home, where I met my current closest friends, but now It felt awkward because I become the only one who freely jumped into Thai’s world of fandom. My blood is Korea, but my heart, Thailand took it away from Korea.

I’ve been following Thai’s series for a few years, but I’m not really into it, or like it so much, they served as a side-kick from my boredom from K-dramas. Only the last 1-2 years I started to listen to Thai songs, they are good! Not only from the OST of the series, but other songs as well, you should listen song from band/group like Bodyslam, Klear or Room39, their songs are great!

And just this year, I started to try to “learn” about this Thai world of Entertainment, especially when I found 2moons the Series, yes It is BL series, a simple story teaches us to love without any conditions. Not only that after I learned about the struggles of the actors, I felt touched. It is really hit me right into my simjang. hahaha.  Don’t try to jump in. Be prepared.

Don’t worry, Thai series has other stories other than BL, they have Hormones The Series, Project S the series, or U-Prince The Series.

Although I started this alone, luckily, I have a friend who also like the same actors as me, and I have another one of my followers on twitter too keep me accompanied.

What I really like about Thai celebrities, are the way they communicate with their fans, it seems like a family, very warn, very genuine, very nice and very friendly. You can easily get retweet/like/loved or even a reply. How they are so close with their official fanclub, how the management treated the fans. It is so much like a family and friends! Finally I find this new world I’m into is so much peaceful than Korea. And this new world saved me from being depressed and stressed.

Not that I dislike Korea, but it is just change of heart. Remember? My blood is Korea, but my heart is with Thailand. I still listen to K-pop, but Thai songs always come first.

If you feel uncomfortable with my updates on my twitter, you are feel free to unfollow me. Thank you.




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