How to Make Swedish Meatballs – That IKEA Meatballs

IKEA Swedish Meatballs is the item you must eat when you are visiting IKEA, some people going to IKEA just to eat this meatballs. In Indonesia, people went crazy when IKEA first open in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, suburb of Jakarta. They are queuing up on IKEA restaurant to buy this babies, and the restaurant is always packed during lunch time or weekends.

After going there three times, about 40-minute drive from my house, I think I need to make my own Swedish meatballs, well basically, it is a meatballs but not like meatballs that Indonesian used to eat, there are still meaty texture to it. And by the way, in my recipes it contains pork meat, because I found out that why the Indonesian IKEA meatballs is so tiny compare to Singapore, Thailand or Shanghai’s, because it does not contain pork meat, just beef, I don’t know what can’t the meatballs the same size, may be the cost just too high while they are selling it cheap, but I think my meatballs is cheaper than the IKEA one.

Swedish Meatball _ edwinjoo

So here is the recipes:


  1. 500 gr of ground lean beef (you can mix it with the one with fat, the supermarket like foodhall knows it)
  2. 500 gr of ground pork (I think you can replace pork with ground beef mix with beef fat)
  3. 100 gr of white bread crumbs (I found out this gave a weird smell if you buy a cheap bread crumbs, but taste alright, buy the one that more expensive.)
  4. 1 egg
  5. salt, pepper to taste (don’t add too much salt, i suggest 1 to 1.5 teaspoon is enough)
  6. 1 teaspoon black pepper
  7. 200 ml heavy cream/full cream milk for meatball
  8. 200 – 300 ml heavy cream/full cream milk for mashed potato.
  9. 1 big onions, chops (Indonesia: Bawang bombay)
  10. 3 cloves of shallot (Indonesia: Bawang merah)
  11. Unsalted butter to saute the onions
  12. salted butter/margarine for mashed potato
  13. 1/2 kg butter potato


  1. 200-300 ml of heavy cream (must)
  2. demi-glace powder, you can buy it in supermarket but in huge quantity.
  3. water and hot water.

How to make it:

Mashed potato:

  1. clean the skin of the potatos, cut into wedges.
  2. boil it until soft
  3. rinse it, add salted butter/margarine while the potato still steaming hot.
  4. mashed using masher or fork
  5. add heavy cream or milk slowly
  6. mix well, add salt and pepper to taste.
  7. cover it with plastic wrap and leave it aside.


  1. chopped the onions into small size, then saute it with unsalted butter until it soften, do not burn it.
  2. Mix the meats, salt, pepper, black pepper, eggs, bread crumbs (add milk/heavy cream to bread crumbs mix well then add to the meats), saute onions
  3. make a small size round balls, put it on a tray first.
  4. add little cooking oil to a nonstick pan in a small fire.
  5. put the meatballs to the pan, pan fry the balls in a medium fire, don’t forget to turn side.
  6. cook it for around 10-15 minutes or until you think its cooked. I make the ball in a small size so the meatball can cook faster. but don’t cook it until it dried, keep it juicy.
  7. Put into the plate with your mashed potato then pour your sauce.


  1. add 5 spoon of demi-glace powder to a pan, add water (not hot) whisked it until it dissolved, then turn on the fire in medium.
  2. Keep on stirring, add heavy cream little by little, until it thickened, add a little hot water so the sauce is not so thick but I want it to be creamy saucy.
  3. Taste it, if it is too salty, add more hot water.

I’m sorry if my recipe is quite confusing, it is my first time writing down a recipe, usually i cook without using any recipes, just using my feeling.

Hope you can make it! Comment below if you can do it or you can ask me any questions.


Authentic Japanese Cheesecake from Chizukek

I always love food that use cheese. And I think Japanese Cheesecake is the best cheesecake.

After trying lots of Japanese cheesecake in my life, i came across this brand of Japanese cheesecake, Chizukek, well that’s how Japanese pronounce Cheesecake. 🙂

Chizukek _ edwinjoo _ 2
It came with a cute high quality box!

What’s so different with other famous brand like Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake, this is made in Indonesia, as far as i know it is a local brand, they deliver to you house if you are in Jakarta, Indonesia. What’s so special about Chizukek compare to Uncle Tetsu? The taste and the smoothness is so different, personally I enjoyed Chizukek more than Uncle Tetsu.

Chizukek _ edwinjoo _ 3
First Slice.. YUM!!

Because the cheese taste is more real than Uncle Tetsu, the sweetness is just right, the smoothness, eat this cake with a spoon not fork, taste awesome until the last bit of it. While Uncle Tetsu where I can only buy it overseas, you need to queue to get only 1 cake that taste just like a sponge cake, so bland.

Chizukek _ edwinjoo _ 1
Third and Fourth Slices… MORE PLEASE…

You know the feeling of eating food that so good that you are smiling from ear to ear while eating it? Yes I did when I took the first bite of Chizukek. I’m going to eat the whole 18-inch cake for sure!

You can buy this awesomeness by checking their Instagram: @chizukek, the price for 18-inch cake of awesomeness is Rp. 199,000 but it is so worth it! And they deliver within the Jakarta area with a fee.



Choipan Paling Enak Sedunia Itu Buatan Nyokap!

Jujur saja, masakan nyokap memang enak, tapi karena gue juga suka masak, jadi biasa nyokap juga makan masakan gue. Tapi ada satu masakan yang nyokap gue paling jago bikinnya, yakni choipan.

Choipan itu apa sih? Jadi bahan-bahannya (menurut nyokap):


  • Tepung beras
  • sedikit tepung sagu,
  • sedikit tepung rahasia nyokap,
  • air panas mendidih,
  • garam dikit.


  • Bengkoang di iris korek api
  • ebi (udang kering) direndem sampe lembek.
  • garam
  • lada
  • gula/msg
  • extra kerupuk kulit babi yang bikin jadi ngga halal, kalau mau halal, yah jangan masukin ini, ganti kerupuk kulit ayam mungkin.

Lengkap proses pembuatannya gue ngga ngerti gimana, tapi pembuatan choipan ini butuh keterampilan tangan dimana itu adonan kulitnya di pipihin pake tangan sampe bentuk bulet kayak kulit wantan/siomay/hakau.

Choipan Buatan Mama 2
Dipakein minyak bawang putih goreng makin makyuss!!

Nah, apa sih yang bikin choipan nyokap gue enak banget walau lu makan 30-40 biji ajah masih mau lagi? Kulit bikinan nyokap itu enak, ga lembek ga keras. Terus ukurannya sekali makan punya alias bite size, jadi kita ngga perlu dua kali lahap kayak choipan lainnya. Makin kecil choipan, makin susah bikinnya. 🙂

Jadi nyokap mulai bikin uda lama banget, pas gue masih kecil, dan ini salah satu makanan favourite gue dan keluarga besar, dulu yang suka bikin Choipan tuh cecenya nyokap jadi kalau mau makan ini kudu kerumah ieie gue, nah karena nyokap sering bantuin, jadi skill nyokap meningkatlah, trial and error, tapi yang error ajah gue masih suka. Sekarang menurut gue, dikeluarga besar gue, yang paling jago bikin choipan itu adalah nyokap gue. Semua suka, sampe sepupu2 gue yang kecil-kecil ajah suka.

Pernah gue wacanakan buat jualan choipan ajah, tapi bok, bikinnya itu lama dan butuh tangan banyak, sedangkan nyokap gue cuma punya dua tangan plus bantuan dan PRT gue. Kasianlah nyokap. 🙂

Thanks mom for making this again (after hiatus for more than a year, she doesn’t want to make it after my grandma (her mom) passed away).

Love you!

[FOOD] Pizza Goreng? Yummy!


Pizza Goreng? Kalau Pizza pasti biasanya di panggang, tapi kali ini beda, saya ketemu Pizza Goreng di Instagram setelah hunting makanan apa yang bisa saya pesan online dan di delivery kerumah.

Jadi kemarin setelah browsing, dan pesan 2 bungkus Pizza Goreng rasa Smoked Beef dan Mushroom, akhirnya sampai juga dan langsung saya goreng!


You know what? Keju mozzarellanya sangat kerasa, kulitnya garing dan endes! This is one of the best food i ever ordered online! You have to try it!

Kamu bisa ke @pizzgour di Instagram buat pesan Pizza Goreng super endes ini! *Uda makan 8 pcs karena kalap dan belum makan siang*


Harganya Rp. 80,000 dapat 8 pcs Pizza Goreng, ada 4 rasa: Beef, Chicken, Mushroom, Margherita. Walau cuma pesan Beef dan Mushroom, saya jamin Chicken dan Margheritanya juga tak kalah enaknya!