Why I Like INFINITE? ∞

That question is always asked to me. or why you like KPOP?

For me, now KPOP is a sweet escape when I feel bored. But i don’t just listen to any KPOP songs, in my playlist, INFINITE taken 25 songs in 100-song playlist, in 25 most played songs in my iTunes, INFINITE songs took the top spot.

But which group happened to come to my liking before INFINITE? The always be the king of KPOP DB5K (as 5 members), Super Junior (the gagmen of Kpop), and BIGBANG (always swag). But before all of them, I like BoA and H.O.T first. Oh. I’m so old. 😦

So why i like INFINITE?

They have a leader that always getting bullied, or leader who bullied his younger members, or leader that goes solo…

No. I like their music, since their debut era until today. I like their dance; powerful, synchronised, and simply awesome. *okay biased detected*

No. I don’t know what I like this group. It just clicked. done.

They are the only group that make me want to queue overnight just to get the front spot, and cry during their encore just because I was afraid I can’t meet them anymore. AND That’s make KoreanUpdates so biased towards INFINITE. Sorry. I just want them to get more recognition.

This year, they are making another world tour, so hopefully, I can get over it (but I don’t think so). I will fly to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong for their concert (either one or two of these city plus Jakarta)

Money, come to me please.

∞ Love. Love ∞