My UBER Experience! Cheap and Cool!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not a paid post, it is really based on my personal experience in using UBER services.

In the past few days, I’ve been using UBER, because I still has the UBER credit i need to use and I’m not in hurry as well. What I like about UBER is that, they give the conventional taxi  driver a chance to earn more money than they used to in a taxi company. I think its a 80 for the driver 20 for UBER. which is awesome right? It’s a healthy relationship.

As I talked to some of the drivers, they are mostly ex-taxi driver, where they work from morning to night to “work” they ass off to feed the company. I don’t know if it is true, but they said to me, if you earn Rp. 1 million, the company will take Rp. 900k, you used your own money to buy petrol. I can only say WHAT? SERIOUSLY?. They replied: “Yes, we are not joking, so I think UBER is the best job for us”.

Other than ex-taxi drivers, I encountered those who become UBER driver on the weekend or after their real job, it is a side job for them. Some drivers said to me they can earned Rp. 1 million a day (it is their share), a pure income, if they work hard. Imagine you did that for 2 days, 8 days a month, you can earn an extra Rp. 8 million plus salary from your real job.

For me UBER is not just kind towards their drivers, but also to customers like me. I love cheap and worth it stuff, and I think UBER is awesome. I used it to go to the airport once, it cost me only Rp. 66,500 which i paid Rp. 0 because i still have Rp. 150,000 of credit i get from a friend of mine!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.41.00 PM

Other taxi company will cost me Rp. 120,000 (still not include the toll road fee). See the difference? You can get a grande Starbucks drink while you wait for your flight!

Another example, when I booked a taxi from other company, they have a minimum charge you have to pay, Rp. 40,000, but UBER is no minimum charge. So a trip that cost Rp. 20,000 you don’t have to pay Rp. 40,000. As simple as that!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.40.21 PM

Today I went to fX from my house, it usually cost me Rp. 50,000 – 60,000 under normal smooth traffic using the other taxi company. But UBER makes me happy again, I only pay Rp. 37,000 which i paid Rp. 0 because I STILL HAVE THAT UBER CREDIT!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.39.54 PM

Do spread the love of UBER, you can use my code: o87jc or go to this link: so you can get Rp. 75,000 off your first ride! And by the way, you are going to have your own special code as well, so when your friend use your code, you also can get Rp. 75,000 extra on your UBER credit. And also it needs a credit card to register, but I never used it even once!

Thank for reading this, this is my very own personal experience with UBER, they don’t pay me to write this. If it is good, its good and you should try it!